Monday, March 16, 2009

This Weeks Coupon Deals

Went shopping today and heres how I did ......

First stop Walgreens

Total without sales/coupons $57.52

I paid $27.13

Used remaining balance on rechargable Walgreens gc $14.30

Paid OOP $12.83

Getting $10 rebate back from rechargable battery unit and extra batteries (middle of pic) for the twins Wii controllers so everything cost $2.83!! SCORE!


Second stop CVS

Total without sales/coupons $63.16

I paid $13.76 OOP

Minus the listerine, floss, and toothbrush. I accidently put these in the cvs loot. I got those in the above photo from Walgreens. Im tired. I gotta go find my ginormous hershey bar. That will help me wake up :) Big grin!


Third stop Riteaid

Total without coupons/sales $31.94
I spent $16.86
Getting back $13.99
So basically everything cost me $2.87 :)


4th stop Staples
Total without coupons/sale $70.46
I paid OOP $50.59
Getting $32.95 back in rebates
So everything cost $17.64 Score!

Have a great week everyone :)


marty39 said...

Great savings and just what we all need. I have been clipping quite a few and it really does help. Hugs, Marty

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

That's awesome. Matthew's out of town this week, so I'm looking forward to saving lots o' money on food. It doesn't take a whole lot to feed me...well, as long as I don't go out to eat. Get me in a restaurant and we're in trouble :).

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