Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Electric Bill

Im totally agree that if you save alittle here and alittle there, its starts to add up and you'll be saving alot. So Im starting to work alittle on the electric bill. Something we can control.

I started posting my electric bill awhile back when I plugged in all those power surgers. Well, so far my bill has gone back up.This month its was $106.xx. When I call the electric company they just say that for the size of my house (2700 sq ft) that is an excellent price. Well, Im not happy with that price. I worked really hard turning off those power surgers. Makin sure they were all off when the appliance wasent being used, driving my family crazy to turn those lights off!

So yesterday I spent about 3 hrs researching what everything costs in my house. I wanted to know what was using the most. My moms electric bill is in the $30's. (1800 sq ft) I thought I have almost exactly what she has so why is mine so much higher? Well, after comparing my moms, and our electric bill I figured it out.

I found a website that helped me work the numbers. I didnt want an exact number, just a very close number and this website matched what I came up with. Link

Also here in Southern California they charge you in Tiers. So the more you use they move you up a tier and you pay more and more.

I couldnt believe how little electricity somethings in the house used compared to others. Did you know that my coffee maker that runs 2 hrs a day (auto shut off) cost more a month to run than my fridge or my freezer that runs 24 hrs, 7 days a week. Heres the approx break down so you can see how things add up. These are approx. but their close. Theres a few items not listed like the oven digital clock and plugging in the cellphones to charge.

_My house_____
55" big screen tv $15.73 (15 hrs daily)
Coffee maker $7.28 (2 hrs daily auto shutoff)
Laptop $2.17 (12 hrs daily)
Hubbys pc $14.56 (24/7)
My pc $7.28 (12 hrs)
Twins bedroom tv $0.60 (1hr daily)
Twins bedroom tv $4.03 (8 hrs daily)
Dryer $13.78 (4 days month 4 hrs each day)
Washer $2.24 (4 days month 4 hrs each day)
Fridge $5.46 (24/7)
Freezer $5.46 (24/7)
DVR $2.86 (24/7)
Lightbulbs (11)$3.96 (energy savers 5 hrs daily)
Microwave $2.86 (30 min daily)
Dishwasher $9.36 (20 days mo. 1hr each day)
PS2 $.85 (8 hrs daily)
Wii $.25 (2 hrs daily)
Fax/copier $5.40 (24/7)
Electric blanket $4.03 (10 hrs daily, auto shutoff)
Total $101.34 not including taxes and fees

It amazes me how things add up. Now that I know what is using the most Ive decided to cut down on the use of those appliances to see if I can save.Less tv, Less dishwasher, less dryer, hubbys pc will be turned off unless in use, and so will mine when were not doing school. And that COFFEE MAKER, Im setting the timer for 1 hrs and I'll manually turn it off. Their reading our meter in 2 weeks so I might not post the next bill but I'll post the following bill since we'll be starting this money saving goal starting today. OH and yes I'll still be turning off those surgers :)

If you have a money saving tip, please post it. I would love to hear them. :)


wrcdgc said...

I'll trade you. I am here all day by myself and only turn on my computer. My bill averaged $160 last month and that was with very little heat and no air. The electric company is making a killing. Congrats on trying to cut back.


Rebecca said...

Wow, thanks for that, Ellie! That is really an eye-opener for me. I'll be looking around my house, too. :)

mykidsmomma said...

My electric bill is $180 a month, but everything in my house is electric, stove, heater, pump for the well, it's our ONLY utility. So I guess it's really not that bad. LOL. I think I'm going to try breaking it all down too though, it'll be interesting to see what everything costs.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Thanks for the breakdown! what an eye opener.

everyday mom of one said...

Our gas and electric is right around $130 usually and our house is MUCH smaller than yours. Hmmm I have a feeling prices are higher around here and we run more heat and cooling then you guys. Saying that though there are still ways we can cut back and I am going to work on ours too. You have set me a challenge.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Ellie, That was very interesting. I will be shutting off my coffeemaker.

The Whites said...

Wow, you did some research! We live in the mid south where we have freezing cold winters and hot and HUMID summers. I know exactly why our electric bills are so high - central air conditioning and heat! Ours is usually between 100-150 per month.


Paula said...

That was a very interesting break down of costs for electricity. The air conditioning kills us because we can't stand to be hot. We freeze all winter and then use the ac like crazy. Although I doubt that it really balances out.

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