Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ive been sitting here searching blogs and websites looking for the perfect blog background. Im still feeling alittle sick. So between coughing and blog searches I got to laughing at myself.

I cant leave well enough alone. I go to others websites and get ideas then the computer geek in me starts thinking, "I could do this", "I could do that"! UGH I serously need to go to a "Learn to stop changing your blog background every other day AA meeting".

Meeting would go like this....'

Councelor: Ellie, you really should be happy with what background you have at this moment.

Me: I am but have you seen all the totally cute backgrounds out there?

Councelor: yes, but you need to at least live with your new background for a few days to see if its what you really want.

Me: Are you kidding me? I might miss a new background or find something Way better. Gotta go look now!

Councelor: I think your hopeless.

Me: (nodding in agreement) I think your right.

Im blaming this on the cold medicine. Its making me search new background! Thats my story and Im sticking to it!

A big thank you to my good friend Linda who was very sweet to offer to pick up pig food for me so I wouldnt have to drive anyway today :)


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

LOL If you haven't noticed I have the same addiction. And I'm not on cold medicine. I think about having one made just for my blog. Then, I think. But, I'd be stuck with it for awhile. LOL What's a girl to do?? I love change.

Jane said...

Variety is the spice of life!

The Whites said...

I like to change mine also, but I worked too hard color coordinating the one I have now to change it any time soon!


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