Saturday, January 10, 2009

5th day on Weightloss Journey~ sniff sniff

This is how I feel most days!!!

Its the 5th day into my weightloss journey and everyone in the house is sick. UGH Nasty sinus colds so I actually havent been very hungry but Im eatting alittle every 3 hrs. Made homemade beef barely soup. One of the twins Favorites. Fresh warm bread would have been awesome if I had only remembered to use the new bread maker I bought! Sigh.


Laurel MacD said...

Can't wait to read your money saving tips. I'm a coupon shopper, but could be way better! Good luck on you "journey."

Frugal Simple said...

Love what you've done with the blog, Ellie! It already looks so professional, and I know you have a wealth of knowledge to share.

And I can so relate to the pic you posted. I feel exactly the same way every time I make the mistake of glancing in the full length mirror in the bathroom...just as I'm stepping out of the shower. It ain't a pretty sight, I can tell ya! :-\


qwadro_Binh said...

If you're going to grad school to be a computer programmer, you're going to get out and get a job as a computer programmer. If you're going to grad school in the humanities, you're more likely going to end up as "a telephone operator" or an adjunct (which pays less), or maybe you'll just be unemployed. It maynot seemSydney E3scortSe7toy shoplike it's about the money when you start out, because you're passionate about your subject and delusional about your future prospects, but it damn sure is about the money when you get to the end and can't find work after all those years you slaved away pursuing the "life of the mind."

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