Friday, January 23, 2009

Keys, Keys, and MORE Keys

I decided I should start organizing all our keys. We have keys to the 5th wheel, both parents house, horse trailer, mailbox (2 miles down road), 10 locks for gates, all 3 cars spare keys, and our ulility trailer. Im thinking this is a good one because if theres a fire or emerency I can quickly find the keys. I sat down and thought No I should start organizing the desk, Im surrounded by books, papers, and coupons everywhere, total chaos, but instead I got up and saw something Ive been painting , took it out in the garage, painted alittle and came back and made lunch. Remembered I was working on the keys, started looking all over the house for spare keys. Actually these arent all of them. Yikes! Most of these I have no idea.

While looking for the keys I thought, hey I have two drawers that are junk drawers I should clean these out. They were full to the brim with tools, KEYS, and just junk. So at least I accomplished some kind of organizing today. Hour later thought to myself as Im grinning down at one empty drawer and one organized drawer, hey, wasent I organizing keys?? sigh.

Off to try to stay on track.


AnNicole said...

Hey thanks "Mama". I just created the header today, and I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself considering how little I know about this techy stuff :).

Have a great weekend!

Marva said...

Man, I do the same exact thing.....I lose all train of thought and get started on a 100 different things, then I have verything in a mess.

Blessings on getting it all done!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Ellie, You do.. have a lot of keys. Your drawers look great! Did you gain 1 1/3 drawers?
Good job!! Hugs, Terrie

iris7531 said...

I think we must be related. I do that ALL the time!

qwadro_Binh said...

Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog!

qwadro_Binh said...

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