Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here we go..

My friend Dee encouraged me to start a blog after her and I were posting about saving money. My mother has taught me how to save and I have a ton of tips. I consider my mom the Coupon Queen! The woman is amazing. No car payments, house paid off, pantry stuffed, no late charges, no finances charges and low utility bills. I havent always followed my moms lessons and if I had I would be sitting pretty right now. Sigh. 20/20 But Im putting all those lessons into effect right now. Hopefully it will be enough.

Right now its tough with the economy. Even for us. My husband put his dog training business into full time when he was recently laid off from a 17 year old job. UGH. Talk about having the rug pulled out from under you. My security blanket is gone :(

I started coupon shopping again and I am stocked up on 90% of tolietries so now my grocery bills are all food. My goal is to get down to $200 a month for groceries. Right now Im at $400. (Use to be $800-$1000 monthly)

I have a few websites I use to help with couponing. I'll post those later too.

I'll start blogging my moms tips and tricks soon.


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