Wednesday, February 25, 2009

$250 Target GC Giveaway from Barking Mad

Over at my friend Elizabeths blog she posted a contest that is going on right now hosted by Barking Mads blog. Their having a giveaway for a $250 Target Giftcard. Man could I use that right now !! Holy smokes! The twins birthday is coming up!! OHHH Pick me Auds, Pick me!! (hand raised waving in the air!!!)

All you have to do is post the button she has on her site and also tell her your favorite blog you've written. Show her your most proud and favorite blog. I havent been posting too long but I have one that stands out to me.

My favorite blog post would be about my Crockpot and the recipes I shared. I know not very glamorous but hey, anything that keeps me sain and helps me spend more time either with the family or doing fun stuff is worth posting :) Everyone should have a crockpot. Im thinking maybe it should be a law.

My entry is: Do you Love Your Crockpot??


Marva said...

Love it! Yes, we could use it too! What are you doing with the twin's birthday this year? If i may ask, what line of work is your hubby in for himself? Just being nosy! ;)


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe you are the only person who commented on any of my posts today! I guess they don't want my cute earrings. They have 2 more days.

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