Friday, February 6, 2009

Monthly Savings Challange ~ February

I just realized I accidently deleted the post regarding how much I saved on the electric bill (slap myself) So here it is again. Was $111 now its $90. Been more diligent this month turning off those surge protectors and Dh computer :)

Edit: Marva,I found her blog. I think I kept trying the wrong one. Everyone I tried wouldnt open up :(

Thanks Amy for starting this challange! You go girl!

On Marvas blog she is having a month saving challange where shes listing all her spending everyday for the month. So I thought I would join in and also list some of the ways I save money while Im at it. Gulp, this means Im really going to have to stay accountable.

Im starting 5 days late so heres what I have so far....

Feb 1st Renew DH business website $108.12 Gulp

Renewed AAA $119

Feb 2 Food for geckos $2.16

Internet service $31.00

Disneyland $40

Feb 3 horse feed $114.03

Gasoline for my car $40.16

Feb.4 CANCELLED a SUBSCRIPTION saved $15 Yippie

Feb 5 Super Target $105.41 Weekly grocery shop. (this includes all food only. Im stocked up on all paper products and toiletries)

Total spend so far $560.87

My goal for groceries was $75 for the week. But I went over as you can see. Im really trying. Ive done it before but my family wasent on board. Just yesterday my DH said to me "we should see how cheap we can eat for a week". I almost fell off my chair. Been waiting for this for a long time. So I think I'll try this challange next week :)


Marva said...

Awesome! Make sure and give amy a shoutout too.;) She is the genius that started this.

Great job! I will meet you on that challenge next week! Let's do it! How cheap can you feed your family! Awesome challenge! I can't wait. We are cheap here! lol!


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Ellie, I know you can do it. I have to watch our budget really close right now. I have done a written budget all of my life. I usually make it out for 6 months. I really do stick very close to the budget. Do you write a budget??

Marva said...

Great redo! Thanks for giving a shoutout to Amy and I both! Keep up the good work Ellie!

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