Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monthly Saving Challange ~ February 10

Today was a good day. :) Been freezing outside but we got alot of school work done. :)

The only spending I did today was a birthday present for one of the twins. I sent a limit and they get to pick what they want. One of them found a game on Amazon so I bought it. Im not going to count it in my spending since Im getting alittle over $400 back from our Costco/american express card this month.

Im taking out money for the twins birthday, stockup items I'll be buying from Costco, and the rest will be for Disneyland trips (we have season tickets) and to help with groceries for the rest of the month :) Gotta love Costco :) Getting paid to pay your bills and items you buy is a wonderful thing :)

Monthly total $608.74


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