Monday, February 23, 2009

Coupon DEALS!!

Please forgive the squishy website layout. Im still working on it. :)

I went coupon shopping today!! I love coupon shopping. Its a total game to me and of course I get to spend it with my good friend Linda who I have nicknamed Eagle eyes because the woman can see deals from a mile away. You go girl!

We first went to Walgreens and here is my Loot!

Spend almost nothing out of pocket (OOP) since I used my rechargeable Walgreens REBATE card (you get 10% more back if you do this method instead a rebate checked mailed to you)

Theres 3 bags of gummy bears (hard to see) just waiting for me to open them. Now im drooling! Ahhh, they must wait for disneyland. But the minute I hit the gates watch out! Hey, look at my cute Hershey shirt that Eagle eyes found for me :) Score!

Original Total $68.00
My total with coupons $25.05 (used giftcard)
Had to spent $0.32 cents out of pocket. IM such a big spender :) LOL
And I'll be Getting back $14.00 back in rebates :)
Second store was CVS. gotta love CVS!
Did 3 transactions. This is the combined totals:
Original Total $57.42
I paid out of pocket $11.83
Got some things for Valentines next year :)

Third Store was Riteaid

Original total $37.30

I paid oop $12.27

Getting back $12.98

Made $0.71


This includes another gift for someone :)

Do you see it?

Might not make it though.

Might come up missing.

It wasent me I swear! (As choclote is smeared all over me face)

Fourth and last stop with COSTCO!!

Used my rebate check.

Gotta love free food!!

Got $211 worth of food and stockup items and I have enough left to pay my costco membership $100, money for the twins birthday and alittle left over for Disneyland. We have 2 trips planned within a month :)

So all together we had a pretty good day!


smilernpb said...

I am so jealous of these the UK we have no such coupon system whereby we can get free things! It's not fair! But good luck to you!

Oh, and hello by the way, please do try and stop by my new blog if you have the time. Thank you.

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