Friday, February 6, 2009

Few money saving tips for the kitchen

Well, since Im doing this money saving challange I thought I would share a few tips Im doing this month to save money.
1. We dont eat out alot but when we do we go to a fast food place called Del Taco. YUMMERS! They always give several napkins so Ive been saving them. Storing them up like a squirrel. I put some of these in the glove box and the rest go into the house in the kitchen drawer. I was buying the cute napkins from the grocery store to put in my cute napkin holder on the counter but this month instead I'll be using up those FREE Del Taco napkins :)
2. And when we make bean burritos (My DH thinks if we dont have refried beans and tortillas in the house the earth will stop spinning and all will perish.!!) we'll use those yummy hot sauce packets Ive gathered up from Del Taco to spice up our burritos :)
3. I bought a bread maker recently with money I got from my parent for Christmas. Ive been baking away. Im learning so its been a trial and error but the twins are my biggest fans :) Every loaf no matter how lopsided, or flat, they always give me the thumbs up :) What sweet hearts. I love the smell of the bread baking on these cold raining days and since the twins are eatting machines right now it sure helps keep them satisfied till dinner :)
4. We do drink some soda but Im slowing not buying as much. Ive been buying frozen lemonade from super target instead. Its only $ .77 a can and makes a huge container. It says add 4 1/3 cans of water but I add 6 and it still tastes great :)
5. I do use those little dishwasher tabs. Only if I get them really cheap using coupons. The reason being is my good friend Lissa explained it to me that when you use those tabs you are using exactly the right amount and when you use the powder or liquid soap you might be pouring too much which is wasting soap and money :)


Marva said...

Those are great tips! I use the tabs too.....when the $2.50 coupons come out. I get enough coupons from ebay and stock up for awhile. Brings each box to $.75-$1.25 per box (for 20). Normal price is $4.69 a box. then the sale price is $3.75 a box - usually.

I can't wait for next week! Are you starting it on Sunday or Monday? Just curious. Also, we are going to break each meal down and tell what the ingredients cost? Is that correct?


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