Monday, February 9, 2009

How Low Can You Go??? Menu Challange MONDAY

I went coupon shopping today. (stockup items. I dont count this as grocery shopping:) I did really well, except while out my family wanted me to pick up some drinks. So I ran to Super Target and got frozen juice , my DH some pepsi, and I got some fresh strawberries that I was going to buy later in the week then decided Im just going to buy them now and make them tomorrow. I want to make choc. covered strawberries for Valentines(yummers)
So I spent $15.12 Geesh, the first day and I already fell off the wagon. LOL I knew I would have to go to the store later on in the week for drinks so hopefully this does the trick and we wont have to go till next Sunday :)
Oops forgot to list dinner and the break down:
We had Pepper steak over rice , salad, and lemonade
This is the first time I made this recipe.
It was good but not sure I'll make it again. There wasent enough for 2nds or left overs which we like to eat the next day for lunch and this meal was on more of the expensive side. I broke it down and Im going to say the recipe, salad, and lemonade cost around $11.00= $2.75 a person


Kaye at Kaye's Kreative Korner said...

I hear you! I had to go to Super Target to get Heavy Whipping Cream. (Got waaaay more than I wanted) I got the requested fruity pebbles, but I didn't NEED the chicken kiev that was 3$ off or the 3.50 clearance squigee...Now I find later today I need milk!!!! (for those fruity pebbles! ha!) Good Luck! Tuesday will be better, right? Right!!!!!!

Margaret said...

Last night we had garlic butter shrimp over pasta, rolls and a salad. The shrimp was 11.00, the rolls were .25 (coupons) and the salad was a bad salad I had a free coupon for.

Tot. for meal - 11.25
family of 4 breaks down to 2.81 each
and we have left overs for dear husband to take for lunch!

Margaret said...

ok..just saw this "and the salad was a bad salad I had a free coupon for."

It was not a BAD salad it was a Bag am sure you were thinking..yeah thats why its free!!!

Mamaoftwins said...

LOL Thats just too funny!!!

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