Monday, February 23, 2009

The dreaded Spending Accountablity Challange

LOL Okay its not too dreadful but Im really tired of keeping track.

But I tell you, I cant remember from a week ago what I spent so it goes to show you, writing it down and seeing it on paper really does help!
Okay, heres the run down.
Starting total $1151.84
Feb 17 None
Feb 18 None
Feb 19 $19.31 (We drove almost an hour to a field trip so I rewarded the twins with lunch)
$ 150.84 Cell phone bill
Feb 20 $86.09 DH going on a huntin trip.
$62.00 Gasoline
Feb 21 $73.27 Target food
Feb 22 None (yippie)
Feb 23 $24.42 (but getting $26.98 back in rebates SCORE!)
New spending Total for month $1567.77


Marva said...


Marva said...

Sorry about the above, but I have not been able to leave a comment and last night I wrote out this big long comment and it wouldn't take it. Grrrr.

I am very rud of you, but I am tired of it too. I am doing a NO SPEND challenge and soon. I hope all is well! Blessings!

Dawnie said...

your blog rocks...I'm a leopard fan but never been bold enough to act upon it. I do have to pillows in my living room with some spots on them--does that count? lol.. AND I do have a leopard skirt i wear in summer with matching leopard italian thongs--now that does count!

I'm a mom of twins also--twin girls, that just turned 23. I'm going to have to follow your little budget information closer. I'm a pretty good spender and saver but i do know I could use work.

Rebecca said...

Nice job! The new spending total - is that for next month?

Mamaoftwins said...

Rebecca, no, the total is what Ive spend so far this month on everything. The house payment is going to knock it all out of whack in about a week though but so far I think we've done really well.

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